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Das Haus am Glienicke See

This talk was given by Ken Duckworth about a small wooden house on the shores of a lake near Berlin. The presentation was based on a book called : The House by the Lake" by Thomas Harding. The story of the house covers the lives and times of five different families...

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Beijing und Umgebung – Chris Thomas

This week we had the delight of listening to Chris Thomas deliver a talk about Beijing. Chris, as many know, is also the secretary of the Italian Section of the Circle. He certainly has a talent for languages, as he showed by describing the very basics of Mandarin. We...

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Geschichte von Samhain – Kirstin Charlesworth

Kirstin originally comes from the Hamburg area and naturally speaks fluent German. This was her first "Vortrag" at the Bradford Circle so it was a pleasure to listen to her "Hoch Deutsch". Samhain is not a German word but it seemingly has Gaelic origins. Kirsten...

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Die Hanse und ihre Städte

Our first talk for the new season was given by Gordon. His chosen subject was about the Hanse cities and the Hanse League. Gordon had put in an enormous amount of work on this (and study !). Whilst we have all heard of the Hanse cities, we heard alot more which proved...

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Regensburg – a talk by Brigitte McCartney

What a fascinating evening we had as Brigitte , a native German speaker, unfolded the historical world of the city of Regensburg. Her powerpoint presentation was very professionally done as she took us through the medieval streets and buildings of Regensburg. Her...

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Die Swäbische Alb mit Neil McDonald

Neil McDonald is well known for his Anglo-German Walks. He has such a comprehensive programme of walks and this year he gave a very interesting talk about the Swabian Alb. The area covered the southern parts of Stuttgart and as far as Ulm. The 'walk' was most...

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