We had the pleasure of having Dr. Corinne Painter visit us and give an intriguing talk about Hilde Kramer. Dr. Painter lectures in German history at Leeds University and she also has special interest in women’s movements. Hilde Kramer is a relatively unknown revolutionary emerging at the end of the first world war. She was born in 1900 and died in Otley in 1974. Her parents died when she was young and subsequently lived with her sister. Germany was suffering with food shortages in 1917/18 ; this prompted demonstrations in Berlin and many activists were involved. At this time it was very unusual for a woman, especially one who was so young, to participate in such protests. Working for the socialist movements,she had the role of Secretary and as a result worked in Berlin and Moscow. She also spent some time in prison. Whilst in Moscow she met her future husband, Edward Fitzgerald. As she was expecting a child, she returned to Germany. Eventually she arrived in England with her husband and joined the Labour party, helping with the establishment of the NHS. Her son studied at Leeds University which was the reason why she moved to Otley. Our evenings serve not only as developing our knowledge of the German language, but are also stimulating our education in untold directions. Dr. Painter succeeded in achieving this purpose !